Sudoku Book Creation Empire

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How much money will I have to spend to start making money?
Zero Dollars, Nada, Zip, Zilch! All you need is a willingness to learn and put what you learn into practice.

Is there an OTO/ Upsell?
No, there is nothing more to buy.

Any support?
YES!! If you have a question, (whether you’ve purchased or not), simply PM me here on the WF and I will answer you ASAP!

What if I have trouble downloading / unzipping the file?
No problemo! I Use WPlus so this is rare but if it happens I will sort it out for you.

Is this course newbie friendly?
Oh yeh! Absolutely yes! ANYONE can do this.

Will advanced marketers / publishers also benefit from this course?
Absolutely yes!

Is it a difficult system to follow?
Not at all! In fact all it requires is for you to follow the simple step by step instructions and work the system consistently. Everything you need is provided for you within the course.

However….YOU are the one who needs to “Take Action!”
You get out of it what you put into it!

Do I need to purchase any special tools?
No. The tools I use within this course are free.

Does this require any tech skills?
No tech skills needed.

What if I’m really busy with other projects?
Not a problem at all! This course takes very little time to implement! You can create these books part time and set yourself up with some steady automated income streams while you still concentrate on your main business.
That is what I do and just keep building my Sudoku empire!

Even if you create 1 book a week that still adds up to around 48 completed books at the end of the year! That’s a lot of assets!

Do I need a website or blog or email list?
No. I show you how to make money without needing any of that.
This WSO is suited to everyone from novice right up to experienced marketers and publishers.

As an additional option you can add all of the above if you so wish because they all work very well with this system….BUT…they are by no means a necessity.

Some of this is explained in the amazing Marketing Power “BONUS” that I provided with the course.

Can this method become saturated?
Absolutely not! UNLIKE “normal” books, these books are CONSUMABLE..they get used up! A normal book gets ‘read’ and then can be resold or loaned out etc…diminishing your market.

But puzzle books once used are not resellable and the person now needs a new one! People who buy puzzle books are…
1) Passionate about their “hobby”.

With so many Sudoku books already for sale on Amazon, how will I ever get my book noticed?
That is where my “Marketing Power” BONUS comes into play! Just because there are similar books on the market it does not mean that you cannot make a profit too! In fact, it just goes to show how popular these books really are and NEVER stop selling!!

If we’re all using the same puzzle generators, will we end up with duplicate puzzles?
Not if you use the generators I mention in the course. All puzzles are different providing new games no matter how many paople use the generator.

What is your refund policy?
My refund policy is super simple: I take all the risk. You have a FULL 30 days to use and review your comprehensive course.

If, for any reason, you are not fully satisfied, you get a FULL 100% no questions asked refund.